About Žabljak

The town of Žabljak is situated in the central part of the Durmitor mountain region. With 1,456metres above the sea level, it is the highest elevation town in the Balkans.

Durmitor was declared the national park back in 1958, and in 1980 it entered the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Regarded the most magnificent mountain in Montenegro, with as many as 48 peaks topping 2000 meters in a fairly small area, Durmitor owes much of its charm to profane beauty of its 18 glacial lakes, called the “mountain eyes”, some of which are located 1,500 above the sea level. The greatest and arguably the most attractive is Crno jezero (The Black Lake), just 2 km away from the centre of Žabljak.

Tara River Canyon, the biggest and one of the deepest canyon in Europe, (and second biggest in the World only to The Grand Canyon of the Colorado river in Arizona, US) is also in close vicinity of Žabljak. It is a spectacular oasis of wildlife and reserve for numerous endemic species of flora and fauna, especially birds, which earned it the listing in UNESCO programme in 1977.

Things to do when in Žabljak

Skiing – the snow cover on Durmitor lasts 120 days a year, including the formidable slopes like Savin kuk, Štuoc…

Rafting – the Tara River Canyon is 1,300m deep. The second deepest canyon in the world! 

Trekking – the area surrounding Žabljak is with hiking tracks and trails of all types and levels of difficulty!

Mountain Biking – the lateral hills of Durmitor are as if they were made for cycling and enjoying the vistas.

Žabljak, Black Lake.

Durmitor’s abundant flora and fauna incorporate many endemic and relict species. Predominantly mountain and high mountain animals live here, including 130 bird species and over 1,300 plant species, of which 122 are endemic, with 150 herbs and around 40 types of edible mushrooms.

There are numerous cultural heritage sites: prehistoric necropolis, antic greek and roman cemeteries, churches, gravestones, mixed with the pastoral architecture like old shepherds’ shacks and mills.

Pine Tree Residency has a lot going on in its close vicinity. It is less than 3km from the center of Žabljak, some 4,5km from the lake Crno jezero. The nearest ski slope, Savin Kuk is 6,6km away, Đurđevića Tara Bridge is 20km away, and there is about 25km to the Tara Canyon and Nevidio Canyon.

Žabljak is connected to the rest of Montenegro by P5 motorway, leading to Šavnik and Nikšić in one direction, and further on to Risan, at the seaside (about 145km), or to the capital, Podgorica. In opposite direction, it leads to Đurđevića Tara bridge, and further to Mojkovac, there connecting to E65 trans-Montenegrin motorway, which connects the Montenegro’s coast and Podgorica with northern Montenegro and Serbia.

Podgorica airport is around 130km drive away, and Tivat airport is 175km.