Buy property and earn money.

Pine Tree Residency is located in the village Borje, belonging to Žabljak municipality. As a matter of fact, the name Borje means “pine trees”, hence the name of our place.

The complex is positioned on a slope of Durmitor mountain, ranging in elevation from 1,348m in its lower part, to 1,387m at the top, covering approximately 45,500 square meters. Its northern tip borders the local road, from which a designated access road leads to all its parts.

Welcome to the Pine tree residency

Welcome to the Pine tree residency

Welcome to the Pine tree residency

Welcome to the Pine tree residency

Welcome to the Pine tree residency

We are…

Resident Solutions aims to become your reliable partner in discovering opportunities and conquering new ground in property development and utilization as an asset.

On account of providing you luxury experience and pure joy of living in nature, your property does not have to be a liability, but a powerful asset, yielding steady and plentifully, year on end.

Offering you the opportunity to return your investment in as little as seven or eight years, Resident Solution invites you to take part in CBI approved projects, blending nature and luxury together in a unique and remarkable way.

Our first project is Pine Tree Residency. Imagine a cozy apartment in a beautifully executed hotel complex, surrounded by nature in all its serene beauty. Well, you don’t have to any more, because its here.

You won’t believe your eyes!

Since this project is CBI approved, and with the fact that it is run by staff all year round, by investing in Pine Tree Residency, you actually acquire three things for the price of one!

Citizenship in a country next in line for EU membership

Cozy and luxurious place to live or visit whenever you feel like

An asset that pays for it self and returns the whole investment in foreseeable future